Thank You

Thank you for registering for the conceal carry class with Pistolier Guns, LLC. Class starts at 8am and will run until 5. You'll need eye and ear protection, pistol and 40 rds. I have rentals available for $20 which includes ammo. Lunch will be provided. 

Please plan on being there until after 5 pm so bring food, water or whatever will make you comfortable for that amount of time. Holsters are recommended but not required. The address for the class is 1430 Roberts Road Newport NC 28570. Look for the American Flag on the pasture Fence.  Park on the right by the pond and watch out for the ducks, chickens and turkeys. No ammo is allowed in a firearm within the classroom, If you would like to bring your firearm that is completely ok. Look forward to meeting all of you. If there are any questions please let me know, we are here for you.